Freelancing requires a lot of juggling: clients, meetings, files, paperwork. If you’re like me, you’ve pushed Google Drive to its limits trying to stay organized. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend less time hunting down documents and more time doing what you do best? Luckily, thanks to the magical powers of the world wide web, there’s an app for that.

Earlier this year, I set out to find an affordable tool that would support all of the many aspects of freelancing, including finances, project management, and business administration. Now, I present my findings to you. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or nonprofit professional, I hope it helps.

What to Look For in a Freelancer Tool

For each tool I found, I checked to see if a handful of key features were included:

  • Time-tracking, for hourly projects
  • Proposals and invoicing, to bill seamlessly
  • Bookkeeping, to keep track of income and expenses
  • Client and task management, for organizing projects from start to finish
  • Calendar, to keep track of appointments and project timelines

Comparing the Top 10 Freelancer Tools

In my search for the perfect tool, I came across many options, too many to list here. For the purpose of this article, I narrowed the list down to the 10 I liked best.

While each option caters to freelancers to one degree or another, there are many differences between each tool, some blatant and some nuanced. To spare you the time of reading about each one, I offer here a simple table of my findings, as well as my pick for the title of “best all-in-one freelancer tool.”

As you read, please bear in mind that I only compared the free or basic plan of each tool. Plus, due to the constantly changing nature of technology and apps, the pricing and features of these tools may have evolved since my research. 

Monthly Price Time Tracking Proposals & Invoicing Book-keeping Clients & Tasks Calendar
17 hats $45 x x x x x
And CO $18 x x x x x
Asana Free x x
Bonsai $16 x x x x x
Dubsado $35 x x x x x
Freshbooks $15 x
Harpoon $19 x x x x x
Harvest $12 x x x x x
HoneyBook $34 x x x x x
QuickBooks $10 x x

So, What’s the Best All-In-One Freelancer Tool?

My pick for the best all-in-one freelancer tool not only has all the features I was searching for, but also has a few additional qualities that really impressed me, including:

  • Clean and simple layout
  • Fast customer service
  • Didn’t come off as “sale-sy”

That tool is Bonsai.

Bonsai has been picked by Hoan Marketing as the best freelancer tool.

Why Choose Bonsai?

In my opinion, Bonsai is close to perfect for my needs as a freelancer. And no, they aren’t paying me to say that or anything else in this article (on the contrary, I’m paying them to use their product!).

The tool does have its shortcomings, as all the tools I discovered do. Bonsai simply has less shortcomings.

Pros of Bonsai (in addition to all the features and qualities mentioned earlier):

  • Option to create a free profile to help find work opportunities
  • Option to collaborate with teammates and clients on the platform
  • Ability to request new features
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Little-to-no bugs

Cons of Bonsai:

  • Limited mobile app
  • No integration with Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Unclear timeline for release of new features

Ready to Try Bonsai?

You can try Bonsai free for one month. After that, you can pay monthly or pay yearly for a discount. If you do decide to use Bonsai, you can get an additional month free if you use my referral link:


What is Hoan Marketing?

As a freelance marketing consultant myself, Bonsai has been a life-saver. Since 2016, I have offered web designsocial media, and email marketing services through my business, Hoan Marketing. 

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