Meet Hayley! One of our Content Managers over here at Hoan Marketing.

What’s your go-to productivity trick?

#WFH can be really hard. My go-to trick is to take “micro-breaks” every hour to re-energize myself. I’ll wash the dishes, take a walk outside, play with my dog, or throw a load of laundry in the wash. Working in the creative field, I think it’s also extremely important to find “creative outlets”, like taking a 10-minute meditation break, reading a chapter of a book, or making a batch of cookies mid-day.

How do you prefer to end your day and how does that make you want to start again the next day?

Every day, I end with a cup of tea. It’s like my trigger that it’s time to relax and unwind. It helps me be more present with the rest of my evening and sets me up for a more peaceful morning.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was younger, I wanted to be an interior, graphic, or fashion designer. I went to school for International Business and Marketing, so working in a design-related field was already on the horizon.

What energizes you to come to work everyday?

I have a ton of gratitude for the work we do everyday: helping the helpers. We’re able to see real, positive impacts on our local and national communities and that brings me a lot of joy.

What’s something about you that people would be surprised to know?

Traveling is my happy place and I’m so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to experience other cultures. I’ve visited every continent except Africa and Antartica, totaling 20 countries around the world so far. Southeast Asia is my all time favorite region, with Vietnam being top of my list. Next travel goals: Japan, Argentina, and Portugal.