Yesterday’s All About WordPress workshop was met with great response. The event was hosted by the Hudson Business Lounge and co-sponsored by the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee.

The presenters, Ben Barker of Hoan Marketing and Austin Delmond of Atomize Digital, described the basics of WordPress to a room of nonprofit professionals, creatives, and business owners.

Overview of the All About WordPress Workshop

The All About WordPress workshop includes a broad overview of the popular website design tool, including:

  • How it compares to competitors
  • Why it’s useful for nonprofit organizations
  • How to go about using it

Statistics, examples, and a live demonstration are all used to ensure learners leave the experience ready to take the next step in their website design projects.

All About WordPress Workshop Testimonials

In an evaluation of the event, 100% of attendees rated its quality as “very good” or “excellent.” In addition, a number of attendees left feedback about their experience, including:

They showed examples of easy decisions like the templates as well as difficult decisions like coding. So helpful to see examples.

Great intro with details that I might not have picked up on with self-training.

Open to questions of all understanding levels.

I personally have not used WordPress and they gave me confidence to try.

Stay Tuned for More Events

Are you interested in learning more about the basics of WordPress? Or maybe you’d like to dive into some other aspect of digital marketing, such as social media, email outreach, or search engine optimization?

Make sure to keep an eye on this blog for announcements about upcoming events. Moreover, if you would like to request workshops on a specific topic for yourself or your organization, you are invited to contact Hoan Marketing directly.